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A Passion for sustainable innovation

Hi, my name is Francis Stevens

Francis Stevens Communications Consultant
Connected to clients and colleagues around the globe. At home in Northland, New Zealand, with my wife Margriet Geesink. (Photo/Northern Advocate)

I’m a Northland, New Zealand-based strategic communications consultant. I aim to work with innovators who are improving the world and building a sustainable future.

My family and I migrated to New Zealand from the Netherlands in December 2015. We came to set-up a business specialised in helping sustainable and innovative enterprises tell their stories, win mindshare and build great reputations. We’re also putting our money where our mouth is and building a sustainable small house on the Kaipara Harbour.

My background and skills
I’m a multi-discipline marketing communications and public relations professional with more than 16 years’ experience. I started out as a sports journalist at a daily newspaper. Since then I’ve worked for some of the most innovative and successful companies on earth. My strength is providing strategic communications services to responsible businesses in technology, finance and sustainability. You can check out my full CV by clicking here.

Working with me
I’m available on interim or freelance basis. My rates are competitive and I can (and do) service clients wherever they are located, in New Zealand and around the world. During almost 10 years with software company Oracle I worked with geographically-spread teams all over the globe. I have a very strong focus on delivering quality results and providing responsive support for clients and colleagues who work remotely.

My wife, Margriet Geesink, and I also believe a location-independent  approach to work is the future and, crucially, the less we travel (for work), the more sustainable it is for our planet. To find out more about how we choose to live and work see this Northern Advocate article.

Get to know me
Feel free to take a look around my website. I hope this gives you a good idea of what I offer and don’t hesitate to give me a call if you’d like to talk.

To a sustainable future!

Francis Stevens
Communications Consultant



1. able to be maintained at a certain rate or level 2. able to be upheld or defended


1. the action or process of innovating 2. a new method, idea, product



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