Big data holds key to life saving discoveries says Biomatters whitepaper

Auckland, New Zealand – 8 December 2016  

Accelerated Precision Antibody Discovery Depends on Next Generation Software Solutions
Biomatters President
Biomatters President, Brett Ammundsen PhD

A whitepaper released today by bioinformatics technology company Biomatters examines the critical role big data will play in enabling scientists to discover life saving biologic drugs of the future.

The whitepaper discusses how technology innovations such as high-throughput DNA sequencing have created a big data challenge and opportunity for enterprises involved in monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapeutic development.

Today, biopharmaceutical enterprises are generating huge volumes of data throughout the discovery, pre-clinical and clinical stages of development of new antibody based therapeutics, but face multiple challenges in leveraging that data, including data accuracy, data completeness, difficulties combining data that comes from different sources and complexity of implementing data analytics.

Titled Accelerated Precision Antibody Discovery, the whitepaper explores how many of the current challenges in developing mAb therapeutics can effectively be addressed through the provision of a fully managed data platform in a secure cloud computing infrastructure.

“Employing comprehensive cloud solutions and leveraging insights from cloud-based analytics in biologics research and development is still in its infancy, but will become an increasing source of competitive advantage for biopharma organizations that adopt this new paradigm early,” said whitepaper author and Biomatters President Brett Ammundsen, PhD.

“Biopharma is one of the most information-intensive industries, and has much to gain from implementing systems that facilitate the flow of information across different phases of the drug development process. Cloud technologies now offer enterprises unprecedented opportunities to properly address complex data sets and make better, data driven decisions that, ultimately, save lives,” Dr Ammundsen said.

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Biomatters ( creates technology solutions that solve common bioinformatics problems. Headquartered in New Zealand with offices in the US and Europe and users in more than 100 countries, Biomatters has developed Geneious Biologics, a next generation cloud solution for commercial enterprises, to support their discovery and development of biologic therapeutics.

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