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EPD momentum is undeniable and unstoppable

Every month we’re seeing awareness and momentum for Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in Australia and New Zealand grow. In this month’s newsletter we include a link to a recently published brochure which details why businesses are choosing to publish EPDs for their products and services.

There is a growing understanding not only in Australasia, but right around the globe, of the huge gains to be made by identifying and addressing the environmental issues in the life cycle of a business’ core offering.

More and more we are seeing companies adopt EPDs as a core element of their growth and future strategies – see the David Trubridge and Asaleo Care case studies below. This newsletter aims to keep you informed and give you an insight into the quickly expanding world of EPD early adopters.

We also want to let you hear first hand from users about why they’ve chosen to work with the Australasian EPD® Programme and what benefits they’re realising as a result.

There’s no question that the eco-system around EPDs is evolving and we encourage you to be part of it. Join our EPD communities at Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to be part of the discussion about why EPDs are the future.

Anthony Hume
Programme Manager
Australasian EPD® Programme

Case Study: David Trubridge goes the extra mile with EPD

Australasian EPD Programme - Francis Stevens CommunicationsDavid Trubridge Ltd is a company driven by strong environmental responsibility which informs all aspects of its design and production. The company is dedicated to environmentally responsible manufacturing and their EPD didn’t signal a change of direction; it was just the natural evolution of their thinking and processes.

Australasian EPD Programme - Francis Stevens CommunicationsAn EPD is a way to tangibly and publicly present David Trubridge Ltd’s accumulated knowledge in life cycle thinking in an internationally recognised format. Their EPD has shown customers that they are going the extra mile to do the right thing by the environment. Download the case study here.

To read more stories about Australasian EPD® Programme members visit our website –

Brochure: Achieving competitive advantage with an EPD

Australasian EPD Programme - Francis Stevens CommunicationsProactive companies that want to transparently report about their environmental footprint are increasingly publishing Environment Product Declarations (EPD), both in Australasia and in overseas global markets.

Download this brochure to learn why EPDs are the perfect tool to communicate environmental information and hear how achieving a certified EPD for your products or services can be a major asset, from businesses that are already benefiting from EPDs.

New technical manager brings fresh perspectives to Green Star

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has appointed sustainability specialist Nicole Sullivan to the role of Senior Manager – Technical Solutions. Ms Sullivan steps into the role after more than two decades working with BlueScope Steel, including four years with responsibility for sustainability.

Australia tops sustainable building charts for seventh year running

For the seventh year in a row, Australia and New Zealand have topped the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, scoring 74 out of 100 points, compared to a global average of 60.

How ratings systems and lifecycle tools treat timber

While the many benefits of timber products are recognised in a range of ways by rating tools and analysis, there will always be room for improvement. Find out how Green Star rewards timber’s sustainability.

Preparing your business for the low carbon economy: EPDs can help

On the back of the historic 2015 Paris Agreement, governments have pledged to meet substantial greenhouse gas emission reductions. The outcomes from these pledges will be felt by organisations and individuals around the world, including Australia and New Zealand. Are you prepared?

LEED is changing the way we think about building

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is changing how buildings and communities are planned, constructed, maintained and operated. Leaders around the world have made LEED the most widely used third-party verification for green buildings, with around 1.85 million square feet being certified daily.

Green building leaders say sustainability is key to economic growth

From improving energy efficiency to mitigating the impacts of climate change, businesses have been working to meet the demand of a marketplace that’s ever-more ecologically conscious. One industry in which this shift has been markedly noticeable is construction, where companies have turned to new, more efficient techniques.

The good business of green buildings

With the population of global cities expected to double by 2050, sustainable real estate practices must play a central role in any comprehensive effort to reduce carbon emissions and combat global climate change.

How hotels are saving the environment

Green initiatives present interesting opportunities for hotels. This recent article in the LA Times presents opportunities hotels are finding to save money, while improving their sustainability.

Sustainable manufacturing facilities are green building’s next big thing

Manufacturing facilities are increasingly seeking LEED green building certification, according to a US Green Building Council report.

5 Tips for LEED Project Management

Green building certification leads to business benefits such as reduced operating costs and increased building value for owners, developers and facility managers — and this is likely why green building is outpacing overall construction growth in the US.

EPDs from companies in 31 countries now registered
A new milestone was recently achieved in the geographical scope of the International EPD System. There are now EPDs from companies in 31 countries available in the EPD database. The most recent additions are Brazil, Croatia and Lithuana with the EPDs from companies Votorantim Cimentos, RZV d.o.o and UAB Scandia Steel Baltic. All EPDs may be found by browsing by category or by searching by name, company name or key words in the EPD Search.

PCRS on open consultation
At the moment five PCRs are out on open consultation – Copper, ore and concentrates, Copper Cathodes, Copper Wires, Textile Yarn and Thread and Man Made Fibres – Synthetic. One of the most important elements of the International EPD®system is to secure an open and transparent procedure for interested parties to take part in and give comments on draft proposals for PCRs for different product categories.Please contact the secretariat or the PCR moderator for more information on the draft PCRs.

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