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Welcome to the newsletter of the Australasian EPD® Programme

June 2016 – Thanks for reading the Australasian EPD® Programme’s latest newsletter. Our aim is to keep you up-to-date with the newest Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) as they are registered in Australia and New Zealand.

We also want this to be a practical tool for you to use when explaining the value of Environmental Product Declarations to your colleagues and employers.

Since the Australasian EPD® Programme was launched in September 2014, as a strategic joint venture between the Life Cycle Association of New Zealand (LCANZ) andThe Australian Life Cycle Society (ALCAS), we have seen a real upswing in demand for Environmental Product Declarations, on both sides of the Tasman.

To date we have 17 Environmental Product Declarations registered to the programme and expect that number to grow significantly as manufacturers continue to understand the value science-based, transparent information about a product’s environmental performance brings to their business.

In this month’s top stories we look at a number of businesses that are using Environmental Product Declarations to strengthen their core businesses. Kingspan Insulated Panels’ share their experience and success with Environmental Product Declarations, we cover how Forest and Wood Products Australia’s Environmental Product Declarations are helping Lend Lease improve their sustainability outcomes and review the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia’s (ISCA) new Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme which now recognises Environmental Product Declarations.

Again, we hope you find this newsletter useful  and  please don’t hesitate to email me at if you have any comments, feedback or story ideas. I look forward to hearing more about your Environmental Product Declaration successes!

Anthony Hume
Programme Manager
Australasian EPD® Programme

Kingspan Australia sees real benefits in EPDs 

Kingspan Australia, a division of Kingspan Group a global leader in high performance insulation, building fabric and solar integrated building envelopes, has published four new Environmental Product Declarations for its insulated panel products. Australasian EPD - Francis Stevens Communications

Kingspan prides itself on its environmentally-responsible approach to business and strives to deliver high efficiency, low cost and low carbon building solutions. According to Dr. Mark Tatum, Technical Manager at Kingspan Australia, sustainability credentials are high on Kingspan’s list of priorities.

“The market has an interest in buildings with little or no environmental impact and increasingly, those in charge of procurement will be looking for the most sustainable products. With that in mind, it made sense for us to get recognition for our leadership in this regard. We also wanted to understand the environmental impact of our products and find ways to reduce those impacts. The Environmental Product Declaration process offered us that opportunity,” Dr Tatum said.

Download this case study to find out why Kingspan chose to register with theAustralasian EPD® Programme above other Environmental Product Declaration providers. In the case study, Dr Tatum also outlines how producing Environmental Product Declarations has had practical business benefits and offers this advice to other companies thinking of developing an Environmental Product Declaration:

Australasian EPD - Francis Stevens Communications“Do it. The process of developing an Environmental Product Declaration made us a better company. It forced us to assess our suppliers and consider the best ways to source products. The whole Environmental Product Declaration process also gave our suppliers a clear indication of where our priorities lie so it’s encouraged them to consider their environmental credentials. The process also helped instill company values and build on positive staff morale. Our people are proud we make sustainable products. All of these factors help secure the longevity of the business. The bigger vision is, if everyone does this, it will shine a light on each business’s supply chain and thereby lift the quality of products available for the construction sector, which will benefit us all.”

To view Kingspan Australia’s Environmental Product Declarations visit the links below:

EPDs in Australasian Green Star rating tools

Australasian EPD - Francis Stevens CommunicationsIn Australia and New Zealand, the take up of Environmental Product Declarations among construction material producers is being largely driven by the Green Star rating tools from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC). The GBCA has made significant efforts to incentivise building product manufacturers to produce and make available Environmental Product Declarations for designers due to a lack of credible environmental information available for architects, designers and engineers.

Two Environmental Product Declaration types are recognised by Green Star – industry wide Environmental Product Declarations and product specific Environmental Product Declarations. A product specific Environmental Product Declaration reports on specific product(s) from one manufacturer. (e.g. those produced by BlueScope, Iplex, Kingspan and Vinidex). An industry wide Environmental Product Declaration is issued by a group of manufacturers of like products. (e.g. those produced by Forest & Wood Products Australia).

Under Green Star there are also points available for whole of building Life Cycle Assessment. Environmental Product Declarations developed under the Australasian EPD® Programme are EN 15804 compliant and use the same reporting metrics as the Green Star whole of building Life Cycle Assessments, which use the EN 15879 standard. The Environmental Product Declarations registered with the Australasian EPD® Programme can therefore be used to represent building elements in a ‘whole-of-building Life Cycle Assessment’ model.

The integration of Environmental Product Declaration credits within Green Star has differences on each side of the Tasman.  In Australia Environmental Product Declaration credits are available within the Sustainable Products category and Environmental Product Declarations can be used to obtain the Life Cycle Impacts credits. In New Zealand the NZGBC has included Environmental Product Declaration credits within its Innovation Challenges. Environmental Product Declaration credits for products claim the EPD Innovation Credit, and Environmental Product Declarations can be used to achieve the ‘whole-of-building Life Cycle Assessment’ innovation credits called Material Life Cycle Impacts.

More than 1000 downloads for timber EPDs

Australasian EPD - Francis Stevens CommunicationsIn July 2015, Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) registered five Environmental Product Declarations with theAustralasian EPD® Programme. These Environmental Product Declarations were uploaded to the FWPA’s WoodSolutions website where they have since been downloaded more than 1000 times.

“The Environmental Product Declarations are very successfully telling the ‘better than carbon neutral’ story for Australian softwood, hardwood, particleboard, MDF and plywood”, said Dr Chris Lafferty, R&D Manager of FWPA.

Darryl Stuckey, Senior Sustainability Consultant at international property and infrastructure company Lend Lease said: “We are always looking for ways to improve the sustainability outcomes and Green Star ratings on our projects. FWPA’s Environmental Product Declarations help us to quantify these opportunities and achieve points directly within Green Star. They also enable us to easily calculate the full life cycle environmental impacts associated with our engineered timber building projects and fitouts. We have already been using Environmental Product Declarations and Life Cycle Assessments across a range of developments and plan to continue this on our pipeline of future projects.”

To view Forest and Wood Products Australia’s Environmental Product Declarations visit the links below:

EPDs recognised by ISCA infrastructure rating scheme

Australasian EPD - Francis Stevens CommunicationsEnvironmental Product Declarations are now recognised in the latest release of the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme from the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA).

An important distinction of the updated rating system is that the ISCA requires Environmental Product Declarations to be compliant with both ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards. Find out more about how to achieve the ISCA Environmental Product Declaration credits here.

To ensure you are informed of the changes, join the ISCA team for a 2 hour webinar on the following dates:

Thursday 16th June 12-2pm (AEST) Register here
Thursday 21st July 12-2pm (AEST) Register here

Climate Declarations published by IPLEX Pipelines

Australasian EPD - Francis Stevens CommunicationsIPLEX Climate Declarations and Environmental Product Declarations for the following products groups are now available for download:

  • PVC Pressure Pipes EPD – Click here
  • PVC Non-Pressure Pipes for Building Applicatons EPD – Click here
  • BlackMAX and SewerMAX Polypylene Pipes EPD – Click here
  • Polyethylene Pipes EPD – Click here

About Climate Declarations
Climate Declarations declare product carbon footprints using the verified Life Cycle Assessment results reported in Environmental Product Declarations. They are a simple way to communicate the emissions of greenhouse gases, expressed as carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents for a product’s life cycle.

Producing an optional one page Climate Declaration is possible for all Australasian EPDs. An example Climate Declaration can be viewed here and for further information about Climate Declarations click here.

You can order climate declarations using the Environmental Product Declaration registration form which is available for download here. A small administration charge is payable per Climate Declaration produced.

News from the International EPD® System

How do you recognize a true EPD?
An Environmental Product Declaration is a type III environmental declaration according to ISO 14025 or EN 15804. However, on the market there are other documents that could be mistaken for being type III environmental declarations. In a recently published article the International EPD® System gave some examples on what information to look for when reading an Environmental Product Declaration. Read more

The International EPD® system launches new page for increased global PCR harmonization
In recent years, there has been an increased interest among various stakeholders in many countries to take part in development of Product Category Rules (PCR), and many initiatives exist worldwide. To support harmonization the International EPD® System has set up a webpage with links to the most important sources of PCR documents.Read more.

Newly registered EPDs
Here are some of the latest registered Environmental Product Declarations in the International EPD® System from companies such as Consorzio Patata Italiana di Qualità, DORMA Deutschland GmbH, Designflooring International Ltd, Gamesa Corporacion Technologica and Çimsa Çimento Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. See them all here.

Latest PCR activities
For more on recently published PCR and newly initiated PCRs under development click here.

About the Australasian EPD® Prpgramme
Today, local and global markets have increased demand for science-based, verified and comparable information about environmental performance of goods and services. TheAustralasian EPD® Programme provides a trans-Tasman platform for communicating credible environmental information about products and their production methods.

The Australasian EPD® Programme is also aligned with its partner organization, theInternational EPD® System, to enable a harmonized and efficient platform for global EPD development and communication. For more information visit

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