How to be indispensable to your client’s business – 8 Steps

This is the second installment in my “How To” series and offers suggestions for how to be
indispensable to your clients. This is my opinion and is by no means an extensive list. If you have any additions or suggestions, feel free to post a comment.

Be proactive 
  • Always look to add value to your client’s business. Every interaction with your client should include an action proposal and a clear explanation of expected benefits.
Offer solutions
  • Seek to solve problems or manage situations before they become problems.
Deliver exemplary customer experience
  • Every interaction needs to be high quality and focused on what you can do for your client. In today’s world we expect perfection from our service providers. Delivering excellent customer experience should be your number priority when it comes to your client.
understand what your client is saying
  • You will only be indispensable if you understand what your client aims to achieve. To gain that level of understanding you need to be a world-class listener.
SHOW your service/skills across your client’s business
  • You might have a great relationship with the Marketing Manager and CEO but to be really indispensable you need to network deep in the client’s business and win a legion of supporters across the organization.
Be seen as an expert in your industry or field
  • If you’ve been hired as a strategic communications consultant you need to be an expert in this field. Your client will keep you close if your knowledge of your field is second to none.
Be action and results oriented
  • You might be a brilliant strategy advisor and planner but if you really want to become indispensable you need a track record of execution and delivery. When your body of work is inextricably tied to your client you become all that much harder to replace.
Be committed to your client’s customers
  • It’s critical that you are not only a passionate supporter of your client, but also your client’s customers. Every interaction you have with a client’s customer needs to be above perfect. If you give 110% effort in your dealings with your clients, you need to give 150% when you deal with their customers. If your aim is to be indispensable there is no better way to cement your position than to have the respect of your clients’ customers.

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