Get Results: Working Together

“Communication is essential to effective leadership. If a leader can’t deliver a clear message and motivate others to act on it, then having a message doesn’t even matter” – Gilbert Amelio, Former CEO Apple Corp.High quality strategic communications depends on collaboration, transparency and a shared belief in success.

I work closely with innovators and leaders to understand, in detail, their driving force and most strategic objectives. This proximity and insight allows a strategic communications plan that supports real goals and has measurable impact.

Working together through the following five steps, in close collaboration, ensures a comprehensive communications program that focuses on giving you control of your story and delivering quantifiable results.

STEP 1: Situation Analysis

We begin with a rigorous review of your current situation. Stakeholder interviews and surveys, combined with critical analysis gives us insight into where communications gaps exist. When we know what’s working and what needs to improve we can build a strategic communications plan focused on accelerating your goals.

 STEP 2: Strategic Message Development

Phase two is to translate your vision, mission, and strategic objectives into a compelling message platform that frames your story, in your terms, and energizes and inspires key audiences and stakeholders to take action you want them to.

 STEP 3: Design and Sign-off (Strategic Communications Plan)

Next we need a plan. A strategic communications plan is a concrete agreement about how we deliver your story with a consistency and frequency that changes minds and drives action. The strategic communications plan includes a precise schedule of activity designed to reach your key audiences at the right time with the right message.

 STEP 4: Execution (Strategic Communication Plan)

A strategic communications plan is only words on paper until it is put into action. The plan’s execution requires focus, consistency, commitment and energy. During the execution phase we build momentum for your story with a stream of good news that influences others and drives progress toward your objectives.

 STEP 5: Measurement and Review

A strategic communications plan is effective when your audience demonstrates the behavior or takes the actions you asked them to. At every step of the execution phase we measure and review the result to ensure we have achieved the desired effect and are moving forward toward your strategic objectives and goals.